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The new world of mobile technologies and business without borders requires a solid, durable IT strategy and infrastructure to support the networks, servers, operating systems, and Cloud-based applications on which your entire business relies.IT services and strategies. IT support and management. IT specialists of all stripes, working offshore or onsite. From website and mobile app development to QA and testing, a comprehensive set of solutions for all things IT.

IT Services is an integral part of the University of Chicago, committed to service delivery and support of the university mission through innovative uses of technology. IT Services strives to:

  1. Align with the mission and priorities of the University.
  2. Deliver quality services in an effective manner.
  3. Achieve measureable results for both innovation and operations.
  4. Communicate rational and transparent funding and prioritization models.
  5. Work collaboratively internally and externally.
  6. Make decisions that are timely and focused on future services.
  7. Perform as a forward looking, innovative, and pro-active organization.

IT Services reports to the University of Chicago’s Chief Information Officer and is part of the Finance and Administration division. Visit Our Units to learn more about the groups that make up IT Services.

The evolutionary scale of IT support services

There’s an evolutionary scale for IT, and the kind of support services it needs. Our research with IDC found that: -

  • In 10% of companies, IT is not aligned with business objectives – these companies are really just looking for basic performance monitoring from their IT service.
  • The next 20% are investing in IT with some linkage to the business – these companies are looking for a bit more from service, like real time visibility of ticket status
  • In the next 27%, IT investments are planned and aligned to the business strategy – these companies say what they most need from service is the ability to monitor across a multi-vendor hardware environment
  • In the next 26%, IT is seen as a strategic asset linked to business outcomes – and this kind of company most values remote monitoring and automated ticketing.
  • at the top of the evolutionary scale for support service are the 17% who claim IT operations are elegant and innovative – and they most value automated integrated service management.